Royd Chung




    Royd is precisely the kind of powerhouse that makes video much more than something you just watch. And with a television and digital media background that includes time in the trenches doing news, reality television, documentaries and, to add non-insult to non-injury, two presidential elections.

    Most recently, though, before swearing to make OZY even more magical, Royd was an executive producer for Netflix’s Girls Incarcerated and for MTV’s award-winning documentary series True Life. And as the supervising producer of the 2012 Obama campaign’s video team, he produced and directed President Obama, first lady Michelle Obama and Vice President Joe Biden in dozens of videos leading up to the election. This on top of being the executive producer of the 2012 Democratic National Convention’s live-streaming pre- and post-coverage, one of YouTube’s largest live-streamed videos at the time.

    Not bad for a guy who graduated with honors from Harvard University with a degree in government.

    “Me and my brother?” Royd says in a brief moment of tearing his face away from a video screen. “Being kids of immigrants? We learned a lot about being here from watching TV.” So it makes sense that he fell in love with it as a medium to not just understand the world but also to make the world understandable.

    So, forthwith, ladies and gentlemen, the man who will make OZY’s moving pictures sing, Royd, is in the house.

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