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The OZY Genius Awards found and supported the next generation of thought leaders.

Amanda Gorman delighted the world with her poetic genius at the 2021 presidential inauguration, she applied for and won an OZY Genius Award in 2017.

In addition to the cash award of up to $10,000, the 50 winners were also paired with a mentor to support them in launching their project.

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Up to $10,000 paid out to each OZY Genius to support our next generation of entrepreneurs.
Geniuses awarded from colleges and campuses around the US.
6 leading brands partnered with including Chevrolet, Amazon, PBS and the BBC.
Inaugural Poet
(Amanda Gorman)

Over 5 installments of the OZY Genius Awards, OZY's forward-thinking varsity award motivated students to dream big.

Concentrating on emerging and forthcoming innovations, the accolade recognized prodigies from every corner of the United States.

OZY Genius Awards

"These college students just got up to $10,000 for their genius ideas. Could the next genius be in today's college generation?

OZY Media seems to think so. They are awarding 10 students up to $10,000 for their exciting ideas at their second annual OZY Genius Awards tomorrow, March 31, to help launch their groundbreaking projects."

OZY Genius Awards Sponsors Have Included:

Meet our

Amanda Gorman, Harvard University
Won for:
Generation Empathy – a tool to create a more empathic and inclusive community through virtual reality.

"I used Virtual Reality to foster empathy."
Elise Shea, Vassar College
Won for:
Speak to Me – A digital language learning program bridging connections between college students and refugees.

"I was really interested in how, as a college student, I could make a difference … Refugees have been a huge inspiration for me."
Claudine Humure, Wheaton College
Won for:
3D printed Adjustable Prosthetic Socket – A low-cost and accessible 3D printing service of prosthetic limbs for amputees in developing countries.

"Success, for me, would mean creating something that helps people live better lives. That’s my goal, and that’s what I’m most excited about with OZY’s Genius Awards."
Rohan Pavuluri, Harvard University
Won for:
Upsolve – A free bankruptcy app which was named one of Time magazine's best inventions of 2020.

"My genius idea is to help low-income Americans get a fresh start after financial shocks by automating personal bankruptcy."
Aidan McCarty, Stanford University
Won for:
ePluribus – A source for American constituents and their legislators to create political and social impact.

"My genius idea is to wiki-edit legislation: People could write it together and propose it to Congress."

Our Past Judges

The OZY Genius Awards judges were a prestigious panel assembled from the brightest minds in various fields.

Comprising industry leaders, visionaries, and trailblazing entrepreneurs, these distinguished individuals brought a wealth of experience and expertise to the table.

Carmen Yulin Cruz
Former Mayor Of San Juan, Puerto Rico
Kristin Lemkau
CEO, J.p. Morgan Wealth Management
Dr. Hakeem Oluseyi
Scientist, HBCU Grad, Tougaloo
Jarl Mohn
President Emeritus, NPR
Laurene Powell Jobs
Founder And Chair Of Emerson Collective
James Manyika
Senior Vice President Of Technology & Society At Google
John Osborn
Former CEO OMD
Dr. Monique Umphrey
President, HCC