December 12, 2019

The Presidential Daily Brief

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  • Exit Poll

    Britain Votes, Eyeing Breakthrough in Brexit Impasse

    In the U.K.’s third parliamentary election in five years, today Britons are deciding whether to continue Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s feisty efforts to leave the European Union, or take the more cautious approach offered by Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. While Johnson’s Conservative Party is expected to win, polls suggest the wide majority that was

  • Bear Facts

    Inspector General Blasts FBI Errors, GOP Seeks Trump Acquittal

    Describing the FBI’s actions as “gross incompetence and negligence,” the Justice Department’s inspector general laid out his findings on the bureau’s probe into Trump campaign links to Russian election meddling. Testifying on Capitol Hill yesterday, Michael Horowitz said the investigation wasn’t tainted by political bias, as President Donald Trump and his supporters maintain. But Horowitz

  • Amendment

    India's Parliament Approves Controversial Citizenship Law

    Making sweeping changes to Indian law, Parliament passed the contentious Citizenship Amendment Bill by a 125-105 vote Wednesday. Once it’s signed into law by the president, it will grant Indian citizenship to migrants from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh who face religious persecution. It applies to Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis and Christians — but it

  • New Go-Round

    Israel Forced Into Third Election in 12 Months

    With lawmakers unable to form a governing coalition by a midnight deadline, the country must hold its third election in a year, scheduled for March 2. Embattled conservative Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s future is uncertain after he and his centrist rival, Benny Gantz, traded barbs about the failed negotiations for their evenly matched parties to

  • In Short

    Also Important…

    Authorities said yesterday that one of the assailants involved in Tuesday’s deadly shooting rampage at a New Jersey Jewish market wrote anti-Semitic screeds and had targeted the establishment. It’s unclear who attacked a military camp in Niger last night, killing at least 70 government troops. And a U.S. Senate committee has passed a bipartisan measure

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