January 19, 2020

The Presidential Daily Brief

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  • Mr. & Ms.

    Harry, Meghan Aren't 'Royal Highnesses' Anymore

    Their heads may be a bit lighter today. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Harry and Meghan, will no longer carry the honorific, “royal highness” and won’t be performing royal duties. But it’ll cost them: They plan to repay $4.5 million in public funds for renovating their home on the grounds of Windsor Castle. Buckingham

  • Opening Salvo

    Trump Team: Impeachment a 'Brazen' Election Tactic

    In its first official response to Democrats’ charges for his Senate trial, President Donald Trump’s defense team submitted a six-page rebuttal to articles of impeachment. It decried them as a “brazen and unlawful attempt” to reverse Trump’s 2016 election and sabotage his November reelection chances. But the document didn’t attempt to refute the underlying assertions

  • Story of the Week

    Iran's Moment of Truth

    This week saw some of the most strident anti-government protest in Iran, prompted by obfuscation of their military shooting down a Ukrainian airliner packed with Iranians. That happened on Jan. 8, hours after a retaliatory missile strike aimed at U.S. forces in Iraq, which despite threats from U.S. President Donald Trump, did not prompt an

  • Trade Secrets

    Is the China-US Trade Deal for Real?

    It’s what’s not there that may count the most. China promised to better protect technology and intellectual property and buy $200 billion in American products, while the United States agreed to curb tariffs. President Donald Trump says the deal will forge “a future of fair and reciprocal trade,” and investors seem buoyed, but much remains

  • Bear Hug

    Putin Won’t Be Going Anywhere in 2024

    Russian President Vladimir Putin plans a raft of constitutional reforms that will help him retain power after his term ends in 2024. The changes include strict citizenship requirements for the presidency, thus ruling out top contenders, and strengthening the office of prime minister, where Putin served when term limits ended his previous presidential stint. Prime

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