India Posts Global Infection Record

Indian newspapers are calling it the “world’s worst outbreak.” By reported daily cases, it certainly is: Nearly 315,000 new infections in 24 hours. The country also counted its...

Feds to Probe Minneapolis Police

The top cop is back. After four years of the Trump administration’s winking at police violence, Attorney General Merrick Garland signaled a return to federal oversight. Following...

Putin Warns West After New Protests

Russian President Vladimir Putin said yesterday that the West faces a “quick and tough” response if it “dares to cross the red line” by “threatening our core security interests.”...

More J&J Vax Woes as US Demand Ebbs

Just as new trial data shows its one-dose inoculation to be effective against variants of the coronavirus, Johnson & Johnson faces fresh concerns about how its vaccine is...


Reset America T-Shirt (Unisex)

100% of profits will go to the racial justice organization of your choice: Black Lives Matter, NAACP Legal Defense Fund, or the Equal Justice Initiative.


The OZY News Quiz

What is the maximum sentenced faced by former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin?.

Reset America: Chauvin Must Be a Turning Point

America stands at a crossroads following a year of racial protests, a deadly pandemic, political change and now the Derek Chauvin verdict.

'I'm a Senator.' Sarah McBride Takes No Prisoners, No Guff

As the first openly transgender state senator, one of Delaware's finest, Sarah McBride, is redefining public service.

Reset America: You Answered the Call

After Derek Chauvin was found guilty on all three counts related to the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, OZY co-founder Carlos Watson asked you readers what needs to happen next.

Darren Walker on the Glory of Giving Away Billions

Because you're going to want to know what someone tasked with giving away millions to make the world a better place is thinking.

The OZY News Quiz

What's the charge facing the police officer who shot Daunte Wright near Minneapolis Sunday? Test your knowledge now.


Some Feel-Good News About Marijuana's Golden Age

There is nothing skunk about this daily dose, bringing you the latest on marijuana innovations.

Wherever You Get Your Podcasts: Sports Greats

These pods will inspire on Jackie Robinson Day.

Why Is Making Friends So Hard?

True friendship is one of life's greatest joys .

Can You Spot the Next GameStops?

These trends could make you rich, broke or just downright more interesting.

Do You Remember?

Memory is a fickle thing.

Matrix 2021: Is Neurotech ‘the One’ That’ll Save Us?

OZY dives into the latest cutting-edge research and inventions in neurotechnology, exploring how they could make us smarter and improve our quality of life … yet also pose troubling new ethical dilemmas.


Butterfly Effect: Is Biden Ready for a Hot Summer?

Ukraine, Taiwan and the Middle East look set to boil over, testing Biden's bandwidth and America's resolve.

Figuring Out China’s Next Move

Today’s Daily Dose takes you into the fascinating, fast-changing world of Chinese politics, business, culture and foreign relations.

What Makes Strange Diplomatic Bedfellows?

Today’s Daily Dose looks at some surprisingly dangerous liaisons, past and present, in global politics.

Syria's Latest Economic Trick: Loot Its Refugees

Syria's economically bankrupt regime is now trying to squeeze refugees for cash to stay afloat.

Butterfly Effect: The Liberal Vaccine Populists

Donald Trump might not be in office, but his vaccine nationalism policies are only growing stronger.

The Empires You Didn't Learn in School

Today’s Daily Dose explores these forgotten empires, including their female rulers and the surprising lessons we can take away.


OZY Fest Is Back: May 15-16

Party like it matters at our virtual celebration of bold change and big ideas.

When Dead Beer Walks: A Dane in Vietnam Turns Strange Brew Into Craft Gin

Thomas Bilgram, a Dane expat in Vietnam, turns misery into magic with his craft gin made from near-death beer.

If You Think Deep Dish Is Chicago's True Pizza, Think Again

Tavern-style pizza was warming the Windy City long before its bigger, deeper brother.

How to Suck Less at ... Starting a Theater Company

Lydia Parker, Yank expat, goes to London to teach Brits a few things about theater … and now she can tell you how to do it right.

The Best Taco in Morocco? Hell, Yeah!

The strangest bedfellows make the best tasting ones.

So You Want to Roboticize Your House?

If you're lucky enough to have a house, you're also probably unlucky enough to have it need fixing.


The Man Behind the Money Moniker: Gabriel Iglesias!

Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias's love of comedy and drive to succeed are earning him a spot among the comedy greats.

Marcus Scribner Was Going to Quit Acting. Then 'Black-ish' Happened

Marcus Scribner is a household name all thanks to 'Black-ish.

Was This Righteous Rite Between Christian Bros Actually Gay Marriage?

This righteous rite of bromance may have actually been a fascinating church-sanctioned form of gay marriage.

Sean Penn: Well Beyond Hollywood

Sean Penn as an actor? That makes sense.

Banned by ESPN, a Skate Team Responds: ‘Whatevs’

When ESPN decided they wanted to go deep on skateboarding, they had no idea what that would entail.

12 Crazy True Stories About Children’s Authors

Read on to learn about their strange obsessions and dastardly deeds, but be warned — this is no fairy tale!.

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