February 24, 2020

The Presidential Daily Brief

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  • International Issue

    Coronavirus Strikes Iran, Italy

    Outbreaks in Europe, the Middle East and Asia are fueling global fears that the virus is taking root far beyond China. An Iranian lawmaker said 50 have died in the city of Qom, though the Health Ministry disputes that claim. Meanwhile, Italy’s now home to 150 cases — forcing officials to…

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  • Far and Wide

    Trump Makes a Splash in India

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi rolled out the red carpet Monday for President Donald Trump’s first state visit to India, a 36-hour tour aimed at shoring up ties between the two major countries. Addressing more than 100,000 people at the world’s largest cricket stadium — his biggest rally crowd ever — Trump…

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  • More Momentum

    Bernie Sanders Stirs the Democratic Pot

    Is he berning bridges? Following his commanding victory in Nevada’s caucuses Saturday, the Vermont senator is on a roll. That’s forcing the Democratic Party to face the fact that voters are hungrier than expected for radical change — and also that its chances to defeat President Trump in November could dwindle…

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  • Quitting Time

    Malaysia PM Stuns With Surprise Resignation

    Amid political turmoil over the role of his anointed successor, 94-year-old Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad stepped down Monday, throwing the Southeast Asian country into further uncertainty. The world’s oldest prime minister had agreed in 2018 to transfer power to Anwar Ibrahim, though reports suggest he may have tried to renege…

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  • In Short

    Also Important…

    Seven people were wounded yesterday during a shooting at a Houston flea market. Disgraced actor Jussie Smollett is expected to appear in court today to face six new charges of felony disorderly conduct. And Israeli airstrikes in Gaza and Syria have killed two militants. #OZYFact: There’s about a 1-in-3 chance…

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