February 17, 2020

The Presidential Daily Brief

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  • Flight to Freedom

    Americans Pulled From Stricken Cruise Ship

    Reportedly flying with 44 infected passengers tented away from fellow travelers, some 400 U.S. citizens wearing sophisticated respirator masks were flown out of Japan this morning on two repurposed cargo planes. “Can’t get off here fast enough,” said one California woman. The Americans, who will face a 14-day quarantine once…

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  • Fire Wall

    Former Justice Officials Ask Barr to Quit

    They were compelled. More than 1,100 former officials who served in the Justice Department under Democratic and Republican administrations have signed a statement urging Attorney General William Barr to step down. They say his “doing the President’s personal bidding” has damaged the department’s “integrity and the rule of law.” The…

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  • Tiny Opening

    Iran Says Talks With United States Possible

    Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Sunday that his government would be willing to negotiate with the U.S. — if it ends economic sanctions and embraces Iran’s nuclear deal. While Rouhani said sanctions “create some problems,” he insisted that “maximum pressure has failed.” He also said he believes President Trump doesn’t…

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  • Ill Winds

    Japan's Economy Was at Risk Before Outbreak

    The economic powerhouse contracted faster in 2019’s last quarter than it had in nearly six years, partly due to a sales tax hike. But that flirtation with recession was before the coronavirus outbreak froze large swaths of Asian industrial sectors, leaving one analyst to say there was a “pretty good…

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  • In Short

    Also Important…

    The United Nations said that 14 children were among the 22 villagers killed in a Friday attack in an area of Cameroon known to host separatist militants. Officials in Mississippi are warning that the Pearl River will continue to overflow, inundating large swaths of homes. And Democrats are worried that…

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