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OZY was an innovative news and entertainment company focused on profiling “the new and the next” in politics, business, foreign and national affairs, technology, arts and culture.

Once described as “the love child of VICE and the Economist,” OZY profiled rising stars, new trends and big ideas before they were household names.

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Over a decade, OZY hired nearly 1000 people (full-time and freelance).
Over 30 top tier advertisers including Pepsi, Moog, Jasport, Elektron and more
10 leading media partners including Hulu, Amazon, PBS and the BBC.
Emmy Award amongst other accolades.

Founded in 2012 by Carlos Watson and his family following his career at MSNBC, CNN, and BET, OZY started with top tier newsletters and eventually began to profile the new and the next across 14 premium television shows, 10 original podcasts, 4 world class festivals, 5 important awards programs and 5 leading newsletters.

OZY won an Emmy in 2020.

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A unique and inclusive company

The son and grandson of teachers, Carlos Watson said he founded OZY because, while the media landscape was littered with clickbait and polarization, he believed a new global Change Generation wanted and needed a different kind of news and information platform.

“So my family and I leaned in to help build a unique and inclusive company with everything we had — foregoing almost all salary, investing our entire life savings and giving up one lucrative job and acquisition offer after the next.

As we grew rapidly, some media entrepreneurs and observers who were only motivated by money could not understand what we were building. But those who watched our Emmy winning tv series “Black Women Own the Conversation” or listened to our top ten podcast “The Thread” or read our top tier Daily Dose newsletter knew we were committed to a larger, more inclusive and more impactful vision. By profiling a young Amanda Gorman or Trevor Noah before the mainstream was ready to meet them, we wanted our diverse readers, viewers and listeners not only to see more, but also be more and do more.

”As a business, OZY welcomed more than 30 top tier advertisers and 10 leading media partners including Hulu, Amazon, PBS and the BBC. Over a decade, OZY hired nearly 1000 people (both full-time and freelance) including nearly 90% women and people of color. As such, it was far and away one of the most intentionally diverse and inclusive companies in media and indeed in US generally.

From those who knew OZY best

Dive into firsthand accounts from the individuals who've witnessed OZY's journey from the start. The staff, readers, viewers, and listeners who were integral to shaping what OZY was.

When I think to myself “why OZY, and what makes it so special?” I get the warmest feeling in my soul. As I’ve matured in life and in my career, the one thing that was always missing was “purpose.”

I’ve worked for some great companies, and big names, but when I went to work for Carlos it was the first time that I felt attached to something that really mattered, a place that forced me to grow and challenged me to think differently.

It is so easy to believe what the world and media has to say about folks, but the Carlos that I know is kind, loving, caring, articulate, thoughtful, compassionate, and brilliant.
Monica Holmes
Executive Assistant to Carlos Watson
Carlos Watson walked into my life over fifteen years ago and has never walked out. He and I have shared many stories, both good and bad, about our struggles as well as our triumphs. Shortly thereafter, he became a sounding board; someone I could discuss a lifelong secret. I disclosed to him that for years I had suffered from dyslexia and after I overcame it, I ironically wanted to become a writer. What seemed impossible to most, didn’t seem impossible to Carlos. He had a smile that made me believe I could do almost anything. Two years after knowing Carlos, I set out to write my first book. I would share pages and chapters with nearly everyone, but Carlos’ voice stood out. He would say “Hey man, I think you have something.” Always supportive. In two years, it was done. I had written my first book: “Shattered Lives.” Not only was he encouraging but he surprised me and funded the publishing.
Anthony Hamilton
Writer and OZY Contributor
As an insider, I know that OZY Media was a group of creative, hard-working, good intentioned, lovely people that all found their work at OZY to be meaningful, and all of which poured a lot into OZY, because they enjoyed working with other like-minded people and because they believed in the company’s mission statement.
As for Carlos Watson himself, on a personal level, I only know him to be a kind, compassionate man, who was guided by a desire to provide content that is good spirited, that might be helpful for any person who wants to learn something new, whether it be political activism, art and music, fitness and health. Carlos’(s) goal was clearly to elevate the conversation we are having as a people, about everything. This might sound a bit lofty, but this was and is the guiding vision behind OZY.
Kent Hutchison
As a new class of fifth and sixth grade students entered to begin a two-year academic program the school year, I met my student, Carlos Watson. I found Carlos to be a very bright boy, an outstanding student who took his academic responsibilities very seriously. (He came from a family of educators.) He had lots of energy and a love for team sports. I quickly recognized that he was a leader and a role model among the other children as well. He was a child of color in a class that was predominantly “white,” but proved to be a leader among all the children.
Ruth Trencher
Fifth and Sixth Grade Teacher

From OZY Readers and Viewers

"When you read OZY, you're barber shop informed, you're cocktail party ready. When you come out of OZY, you feel smarter."
New York City, NY
Media Executive
"OZY has some of the most original and in depth stuff on social media."
Austin, TX
"OZY brings a watchful eye, a sharp mind, and a generous heart to my day."
Geneva, Switzerland
Lawyer and Yoga Teacher
"I value world reaching media that promote a clear minded, innovative, global way of thinking"
Crete, Greece
"OZY gives me the news and issues that help me engage as as a thoughtful citizen of America and the world."
Dr. Chi
Orange County, CA
General Surgeon
"OZY is courageous in the content it tackles."
New York City, NY
Train Station Agent