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    It’s not every day you meet a King Library Rocker … unless you work at OZY, where tribe members greet this former San Jose State break-dancing wonder every morning. “I even had my own crew,” Adam says. No, despite the lingo, we’re not talking 1980s moonwalks and caterpillars — Adam’s smooth moves wowed the crowds only a few years back. He’s just old school. 

    Case in point? This former DJ can often be found flipping vinyl LPs at local music stores and says that it was “love at first sight” when he met his first Technics turntable. The timeless equipment has changed how Adam listens to music. But singing a different tune is nothing new for this Bay Area native, who long answered to the name “Howie” — a nickname foisted on him by his Howie Day–loving sister. Now dedicated to fixing IT issues and helping boost his team’s tech-savvy street cred, Adam has long dreamed of offering another kind of fix: as a nurse. “I never thought I’d ever pursue a career in IT, mainly because I always wanted to be a nurse,” he says. But his parents had other ideas. “Why do you want to be a nurse? Only women are nurses,” was a common refrain, one that pushed Adam to want to defy stereotypes.

    After graduation, though, the tech world lured him away from blue scrubs. Having a knack for all things electronic — Adam’s been known to spend weekends building PCs and reading up on the latest cell phone and computing trends — he jumped into the IT world, gaining experience in everything from management systems and asset and inventory management to troubleshooting hardware and software issues. Today, Adam sees himself as a teacher. And he’s not only here to resolve tech issues — this foodie and rock-climbing craft-beer fan gets a kick out of helping the creatives around him better understand how he’s resolving their tech-related woes.

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