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The Presidential Daily Brief

Your 10-minute morning catch-up on the headlines that you should know.

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7 days/week

The Daily Dose

Fresh stories and bold ideas that vault you ahead of the traditional news cycle. This is the new news diet that your curiosity needs.

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Weekly (Sundays)

Around the World

Find the surprising and insightful stories that span every corner of the globe — bursting your bubble and challenging your assumptions each day.

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Weekly (Mondays)

New and Next

Stay ahead of the curve on the intriguing people, cutting-edge trends and mind-blowing ideas that everyone will be talking about six months from now.

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Weekly (Tuesdays)

News & Politics

Go deeper than the same stale headlines of the day, bringing in all sides of major issues and spotlighting voices you won't hear elsewhere, while always looking ahead.

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Weekly (Wednesdays)

True Stories

Find compelling personal narratives that go places you never expect and take surprising journeys through history unearthing what they never taught you in school.

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Weekly (Thursdays)

Take On 2020

A provocative, muiltpartisan, global look at today's political scene. Each week we go beyond the endless cable news shoutfests for a political newsletter like no other.

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Weekly (Fridays)

The Weekender

OZY Tribe members near and far provide delicious recommendations for your valuable weekend time. Check out the best things to listen to, drink, cook, read, download or watch.

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Weekly (Saturday)

Best of OZY

We serve up what our readers are loving, sharing and commenting on the most — with an eye to the meatiest reporting and most surprising perspectives of the week.

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The Special Briefing

Everything you need to know about the big story of the week. We'll walk you through what happened, why it matters and what's coming next.

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Special Delivery

Stay up to date on all the exciting new things happening at OZY, from new TV shows and podcast launches, as well as an occasional message from our sponsors and partners.

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