December 11, 2019

The Presidential Daily Brief

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  • Dead to Rights

    Myanmar's Suu Kyi Refutes Genocide Accusations

    Myanmar’s leader and Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi told the International Court of Justice that genocide testimony against her nation was “incomplete and incorrect.” This comes a day after hearing accounts of atrocities committed against the country’s Rohingya Muslim minority, including babies being murdered and girls raped by vigilantes and troops. Suu

  • Showdown

    Police Officer Among Six Killed in New Jersey Shootout

    A veteran detective and three bystanders were killed during an hourslong shootout Tuesday in Jersey City. Two gunmen shot Detective Joseph Seals near a cemetery when he approached them about a homicide investigation. They fled in a rental truck and holed up in a kosher deli, where they and the civilians died during a protracted

  • Test of Wills

    Pelosi 'Embarrassed' by Impeachment, Trump Says

    Battle lines have been drawn following Tuesday’s articles of impeachment alleging that President Donald Trump abused his power by coercing Ukraine to help him politically and obstructed Congress by stonewalling its investigation. Addressing a rally in Pennsylvania, Trump called House Speaker Nancy Pelosi “embarrassed” by “her stupid impeachment.” Meanwhile, she said the process is “about

  • Compartmented

    Trump, Dems Shake on North American Trade Pact

    Despite their ongoing impeachment battle, or perhaps because of it, Republicans, their president and Democrats agreed Tuesday on the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement. It keeps President Trump’s campaign promise to replace the unpopular North American Free Trade Agreement while satisfying Democratic labor supporters. Speaker Pelosi said it was “much better than NAFTA” and “infinitely better” than Trump’s

  • In Short

    Also Important…

    New volcanic activity has stymied recovery efforts in the aftermath of Monday’s deadly eruption of New Zealand’s Whakaari/White Island volcano. The U.S. Navy has stopped pilot training for more than 300 Saudis in the wake of a trainee’s deadly shooting rampage at Pensacola Naval Air Station. And Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg has released a

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