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Protesters in Hong Kong taunt China with cries for democratic freedom.

The Presidential Daily Brief The Presidential Daily Brief

September 30, 2014


  1. Tensions Rise

    Activists Told: ’China Won’t Put Up With This’

  2. Shaky Bonds

    American Court Holds Argentina in Contempt

  3. Going Boom

    U.S. Set to Lead World’s Petroleum Production

  4. Briefly

    Rebels Question U.S. Airstrikes in Syria, Hospital Isolates Possible Ebola Patient in Texas


  1. Dried Out

    Detroiters Denied Access to Running Water

  2. In the Air

    Say ‘Cheese’ for Your Flying Camera

  3. Modern Art

    ’New Yorker’ Runs Its First Animated Cover

  4. Twofer

    Twin Suns Share and Care for $52 Million

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