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Demonstrators hold hands and pray as a grand jury gets under way in St. Louis into the shooting death of Michael Brown.

The Presidential Daily Brief The Presidential Daily Brief

August 21, 2014


  1. High Price

    U.S. Tried to Prevent Journalist’s Killing

  2. Sent Home

    Cop Suspended for Threatening Ferguson Protester

  3. Burger War

    Moscow Shuts Down McDonald’s Outlets

  4. No Bells

    Supreme Court Halts Virginia Gay Weddings

  5. Briefly

    Israel Kills Top Hamas Commanders, BofA Set to Pay Feds $17 Billion


  1. Ferry Riot

    Crimean Getaway No Picnic for Russians

  2. Mad Movies

    Theaters to Put Audience Texts On Big Screen

  3. Rain Check

    Historic Appeal Deprives Cubs of Wet Victory

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