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The Presidential Daily Brief The Presidential Daily Brief

April 19, 2014


  1. Story of the Week

    Boston Remembers Victims as Terrorists Kidnap Nigerian Schoolgirls

  2. Coming Up

    Barack Obama Visits Asia, Focusing on Economics and Security

  3. Race Records

    What the Pistorius Trial Says about Race and Violence in South Africa

  4. Briefly

    Christians Celebrate Good Friday, Korean Ferry Captain Detained by Police


  1. Segregation Now

    Inside the Resegregated Classrooms of a Southern School District

  2. Sniff the Roses

    Allergies Will Hit Hard This Year, But We Have New Ways to Fight Back

  3. Don't Miss

    Tracking Down the Most Influential Musicians You’ve Never Heard Of

  4. Not a Game

    Human Traffickers Send Death Threats to Cuban Dodgers Star

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