A hub for Slavic culture during the medieval age, Bulgaria is today struggling with long-term demographic decline. Its population has shrunk consistently since the 1990s, led by outbound migration. The country also has the highest levels of corruption in the European Union, but it has in recent years emerged as one of the fastest-growing economies in Europe. Bulgaria's biodiversity also ranks among the highest in Europe.

Can She Solve Bulgaria's Brain Drain?

Bulgarian journalist Petya Kertikova is building a movement, but her country has a long way to go.

Why Otherwise Apathetic Bulgaria Is Furious About This Housing Scandal

A controversy involving top politicians is sparking rare outrage among Bulgarians, otherwise inured to corruption.

Meet Dr. Kuku and Dr. Pipi, Bulgaria's First Medical Clowns

Waiting for opportunity to knock was the last thing two Bulgarian theater majors wanted to do.

Bulgaria's Richest Man or Mafia Kingpin? Possibly Both

The Best Rising Stars of 2017: Vasil “the Skull” Bozhkov has made billions, but has links to organized crime.


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The Poorest Country in Europe Has the Most Women in Tech

Women with great technological and scientific ideas can find their community in Bulgaria.

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Meet the new favorite destination for Greek businesses.

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