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Welcome to The Carlos Watson Show Ambassadors! This an exclusive community of curious people and lovers of OZY’s The Carlos Watson Show who are always on the lookout for real and meaningful conversations that inspire, teach and surprise you.

By joining the family, not only will you become a part of a unique group of like-minded individuals but you’ll also receive exciting rewards by sharing The Carlos Watson Show across your social channels, so your friends and followers can enjoy some of the best and most honest conversations of the year.

Interested in joining? Sign up HERE.

What Do I Get?

Here’s the fun part. Listening in on live conversations with your favorite celebrities. Meeting our host and CEO, Carlos Watson. Exciting cash prizes and more. These are just a few of the perks you might be able to enjoy by becoming a CWS Ambassador. Check out our rewards system below to see how you can make these dreams become a reality:


Bronze (1-5 posts per month): Free OZY tote

Silver (5-10 posts per month): Free OZY sweatshirt

Gold (10-20 posts per month): $30 Amazon gift card

Platinum (21+ posts per month): Join a live interview taping with Carlos + a celebrity

NOTE: Each cycle is one month and at the end of the month we will tally your posts and send your reward

What Do I Do?

Keep the conversation going by spreading the word about The Carlos Watson Show. You can do this by sharing episodes and highlights from the show across any of the following platforms:

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn

After you create a post, make sure you submit it!


Take care to go through our guidelines for more specific information on how to post.

What Do I Share?

There are three important steps to sharing content from the show:

  1. Photos & Links
  2. Hashtags
  3. Captions


All posts must include a photo of you engaging with the show. We recommend you share video links from any of the following playlists of episodes and highlights on your social media page(s).

Episodes Playlist

Highlights Playlist


Make sure you hashtag each post with #CarlosWatsonShow AND #CWSAmbassadors so we can keep track of what rewards we should be sending your way!


Feel free to write your organic thoughts, feedback and biggest takeaways from the clips you share. We want to hear what you genuinely think! But if you ever need some help with writing compelling captions, try outlining your answers to the following prompts:

  • What’s your favorite part of the episode?
  • Did any of Carlos’ questions make you think about an issue differently?
  • What did you find unique or intriguing about Carlos’ interview style in the episode?
  • How did this episode inspire you?
  • What do you think about one of the specific perspectives the guest brought up in the episode?
  • Did you learn something from this episode that you didn’t know before?
  • Were there any moments in the episode that surprised you?
  • If this episode is one of your favorites, can you explain why?

Or check out some interesting talking points from our latest episodes below for inspiration:

S1 E34: Ben Smith: Meet One of the Most Powerful Men in Media

Caption Suggestions

  • Really enjoyed hearing NYT columnist Ben Smith and his thoughts on the upcoming election. Do you think this year’s election will bring up as many surprises as 2016?
  • Loved hearing Ben Smith’s bold warnings about news coverage on Election Day.
  • Ben Smith shares some really interesting thoughts on the morals of journalism.

S1 E33: Padma Lakshmi Talks Power, Politics and Sex

Caption Suggestions

  • Padma bringing up how power interplays with racism and sexism was so on point.
  • What a great interview between Carlos and Padma. Loved her honesty on the TV industry and the lack of three-dimensional female hosts.
  • Padma brings up an important point: “We get to hear from the tiny portion of people who decide what our media should look like.” So true!

S1 E32: Has Cory Booker’s Love Affair Changed His Politics?

Caption Suggestions

  • Loved listening to Cory Booker speak about acts of kindness and grace. Thank you for interviewing him!
  • Take a look at this great interview with Cory Booker on the major political issues facing America today.
  • Cory Booker is 100% right — our biggest threat as a nation is our inability to see each other and understand one another. Well said, Senator Booker!

S1 E31: Can Rising Star Comedian Aida Rodriguez Unify America?

Caption Suggestions

  • Aida Rodriguez is a hilarious comedian. So glad I discovered her!
  • Aida dishes out a hot take on Chris Rock. Do you agree with her comments?
  • Please listen to Aida Rodriguez speaking about race and ethnicity. So important!

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