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Save the World, People!

Save the World, People!

By OZY Editors



Because we have only one planet to live on so far. 

By OZY Editors

It isn’t easy being green, Kermit the Frog once sang to us, and what with droughts and tsunamis and an almost-guaranteed temperature rise of more than 2 degrees Celsius, we human beings have proved the proposition. At least we have Earth Day, which marks its 45th edition today. Over the years, it has raised awareness of our fragile, ever-changing planet, and the effect that we have on it. 

Of late, environmental consciousness has hit the bedroom, reports Laura Secorun Palet. How Green Is Your Sex Life?, she writes, is no longer a ridiculous question — and a new generation of sex-preneurs is trying to make your sex life more sustainable with everything from recycled vibrators to paraben-free lubes. Following on the low-carbon footprints of industries like food and clothing, makers of sex products are trying to mirror society’s growing environmental awareness and address people’s eco concerns. Aloe-vera lubricant or plant-based anal relaxing gel, anyone? Read more here.


OK, maybe not, but no doubt there are some pretty sexy environmentalists out there. Melissa Pandika reported on one of them, Brazilian Marcela Uliano da Silva, whose Crusade Against the Golden Mussel is curiously compelling. The golden mussel is an invasive species that has already driven others out of the Amazon River. While the idea of attacking an invader species isn’t new, Uliano da Silva’s high-tech approach is significant: Instead of introducing predators to the environment that then take over, or spraying chlorine and other chemicals, she wants to target the genes that underlie the mussel’s MO. Read more here.

In Reaching to the Sky With Wooden Skyscrapers, Tracy Moran reported that environmentally minded architects are experimenting with one of man’s oldest building materials — the kind from trees — instead of steel as the primary structure for buildings. Already, there is one timber apartment building with nine stories in London, one with 10 in Melbourne and one a walloping 14 stories in Norway. And all that is dwarfed by talk of a wooden building that someday could reach 70 stories into the sky. Architectural engineers behind the idea, which has recently been gaining momentum, say they are looking for cheaper and more eco-friendly materials to use than steel and concrete. Read more here


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