Point Taken: Should Salaries Be Transparent?

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Why you should care

Because someone’s gotta bring home the bacon.

Would your workplace be better off if everyone knew one another’s salary?

That’s one of the questions taken up on last week’s Point Taken debate, hosted by OZY CEO Carlos Watson. In recent years, many have argued that salary transparency will reduce pay discrimination by race and gender — after all, knowledge is power. Some even argue it would boost morale and result in more motivated, properly incentivized workers. As a result, a whole new job has emerged: the “salary whisperer,” who advises companies on pay transparency and fairness. 

Of course, there’s a counterargument to all this: Salary transparency could lead to artificial inflation of lackluster employees’ salaries, as well as workers at one another’s throats. What do you think? Let Carlos know at carlos.watson@ozy.com



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