Point Taken: Is Technology Making Us Smarter or Dumber?

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Why you should care

Because you’re probably reading this — and almost everything else — on a smartphone.

First of all, how do you define smarter? There are tough questions embedded in this week’s deceptively simple Point Taken theme, and Carlos Watson’s guests have smart insights. One says the internet is a great democratizer, putting educational resources in the hands of those who’ve traditionally lacked access, from the poor to the elderly. Another says that thanks to technology, critical thinking is out the window.

Are we a nation of sheep, or are we a nation of independent learners with the world at our smartphone-loving fingertips? On Point Taken this week, OZY co-founder Carlos Watson and company debate the question. Ahead of the discussion, a poll found that 53 percent were on the “smarter” side of the fence, and 47 percent thought ”dumber.” Check out the full episode above to see if opinions changed after the debate. And let Carlos know what you think at carlos.watson@ozy.com.



Square pegs. Round holes.