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4 Sex Taboos Happening Right Now

4 Sex Taboos Happening Right Now

By OZY Editors

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Because these are the frontlines in the sexual revolution.

By OZY Editors

We live in an age when the sexual taboos of the past have become deeply embedded in the cultural mainstream. It seems only yesterday that a walk past an event like San Francisco’s Folsom Street Fair, filled with street-side spankings, leather chaps and twitchy moaning, caused shocked passerbys to run back home and clutch their pearls with anxious energy. Now, an event like that not only has an international following but its pervasive sense of taboo-breaking has been replicated by even the most popular novels around, like the sadomasochism-enabling romance of 50 Shades of Gray. Add the rise of porn to this freaky stew and you have people everywhere asking: Is there anything left that is still taboo? Yes, it turns out. Check out the list below to find out. 

Incest: Is Real, Romantic Love Between Relatives Possible?


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There may be no greater taboo in the world than incest (OK, bestiality runs a pretty close second). That’s because it is most often associated with coercion or outright rape. Now, even though it’s hard to believe, attitudes toward consensual, romantic love between family members may slowly be shifting. Whether it’s the Game of Thrones effect, where sex scenes between siblings are routine and increasingly shared online, or a growing tolerance for unconventional sexual practices, consensual incest — while still posing major ethical and legal questions — may not carry the same social stigma it once did. Read more here

Anal Sex: The First ’Course of Action

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Anal sex has been part of the adult mainstream for years, in both the straight and gay communities, but it is increasingly becoming a very-early part of young adults’ sexual experiences, if not the first. According to recent studies in the United Kingdom, 1 out of 5 people aged 16-to-24 report having anal sex in the last year, a big jump from similar studies twenty years ago. This not only reflects greater activity of this type of sex but a rise in comfortably discussing it. Even though questions persist as to why so many partners are taking the back door, which can be painful for women, research is still needed to shed light on the health implications of opening this particular door. Read more here

Polyamory: The More, the Merrier

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Love the one you’re with, goes the popular lyric, but based on current dating trends, it should be “love the ones you’re with.” Whether it’s because people have grown skeptical of the reported benefits of monogamy or more open to alternative approaches to love and romance, polyamory is definitely on the upswing. In fact, there’s even a poly social network with thousands of users! But while it might be too soon to declare the death of monogamy as people in poly relationships have found they come with their own set of challenges, including time management and sexual jealousy. But if you’re one of the poly-curious, you’ve gotta remember this: Two or three (or four or more!), might be better than one. Read more here

Sex Robots: Let’s Get It On… With a Machine

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Roxxxy is a human-size “sexbot” with programmable personalities that is yours to own for $7,000. What does she do and how does she do it? That’s up to you, my friend. Roxxy is the latest invention from one of the world’s top sex bot makers and he’s making a mint on it and he’s not the only one. Roxxy is just one of a series of sex bot technologies that are transforming everything from the oldest profession to your run-of-the-mill neighborhood hookup, and also includes teledildonics and haptic technology, the latter providing real physical sensation. Even though it sounds odd, this technology is actually bringing people together instead of tearing them apart. Read more here


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