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Killing It With Kyla Coburn

Killing It With Kyla Coburn

By OZY Editors


Because seeing real style is believing in real style.

By OZY Editors

Welcome to The Professionals, an eight-part video series that connects you to the hearts, minds and anything-but-ordinary days of the people who run things, do things and make things GO.



If for most of us a chair sometimes is just a chair, for interior designer Kyla Coburn, it’s rarely just that. You see, Coburn, CEO of Kyla Coburn Designs, aka KCD, doesn’t see a piece of furniture as just a piece of furniture, or an object whose presence is purely functional. She sees a history, a story, a narrative.

So, for a customer to enjoy a space, the Providence, Rhode Island–based interior designer says they have to be able to experience the full history of the items they’re interacting with. “We’re absolutely aware,” says Coburn, “that we are providing a subconscious experience for people.”

And it’s precisely this kind of thinking that has made Coburn — whose childhood was spent with artist parents in artist lofts in SoHo — a creative institution among the up-and-coming entrepreneurs of New England, her adopted home. Virtually every new restaurant, bar and school that cares even a little bit about the total experience gets the KCD touch.

A touch that inevitably is marked by her signature style of layers upon layers of paint and intricate pieces sourced from around the world. The final “product”? Patrons vibing on feelings of warmth and comfort — both fun and funky — that mark many of our returns to places we grow fond of. 


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