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Because reality feels better if it looks its best.

Welcome to The Professionals, an eight-part video series that connects you to the hearts, minds and anything-but-ordinary days of the people who run things, do things and make things GO.

Melissa Jones: Creative Director + CEO of DTE Studio

There’s the world around us, as it is. Our eyes absorb it, we embrace it and feel fine calling this shortest-distance-between-two-points “experience.” But there’s an entire treasure trove of places, people and things that we don’t see firsthand and, for most of us, our perception of it is mediated by image projectors, directors and creators.

Melissa Jones and the creative space she started, DTE Studio, craft the visual world with the express purpose of making a certain kind of magic. Which makes sense when you take into account her bona fides, from art school to time in the trenches at Tommy Boy Records. “I think beauty is many different things,” Jones says. “I think beauty is peace of mind. I think that’s one of the things we’re all fighting to have.”

Well, if seeing is believing, we suggest this: See and believe.

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