Diet Another Day

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Why you should care

Because maybe 2014 should be the year that we resolve to quit dieting and start living.

Who hasn’t made a weight-loss resolution for New Year’s at some point in their life? It’s nearly universal, yet we all have our own reasons driving us to it.

I remember my own origin story all too well: 7th grade. Post-gym class high jinks. Attempts at flirting. General camaraderie. And, oh yeah, the guy that made up the “Fat Ugly Legs” song dedicated to yours truly. Despite the lackluster lyrics, that song has been stuck in my head for the past 10 years. And it wasn’t even catchy!

Just the word diet drives many of us a little crazy.

I’m not trying to throw a pity party (and I have been known to throw a damn good one), but for the majority of my adolescence, I opted to try multiple fad diets. From following Beyoncé on a Master Cleanse of weird lemonade–cayenne pepper drinks, to becoming family famous for saying “I’m off carbs.” I even tried only eating meat for a week on the Dukan diet. Real balanced, right?

Just the word diet drives many of us a little crazy. We feel compelled to try another one, but if someone truly loves you, does your weight really matter? Shouldn’t someone love you regardless of the pounds you gain or lose?

I took to the streets to find out who else is trapped in a revolving door of fad diets and who has resolved to simply live healthfully — and to see who would weigh in on how their significant other’s weight affects how they’d treat him or her.


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