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Happy Halloween! Here are your death stories.

By OZY Editors

Death is the only certainty in life. We’re all running in that direction — some faster than others — and, while there’s little we can do to avoid our tragic end, we still have a say on how we want to meet the Grim Reaper when it comes for us. Here are some of your hilarious, eco-conscious and straight-out bizarre choices when it comes to dealing with your impending doom.

Mortician for the YouTube Generation

One is not supposed to laugh about death. It’s a serious matter. Yet Caitlin Doughty thinks humor is the key to making our own mortality more palatable. Meet the 27-year-old mortician and YouTube sensation who’s on a mission to make us face our impending doom with a unique combination of expertise and wackiness. Through her YouTube channel, “Ask a Mortician,” Doughty manages the unimaginable: making hundreds of thousands smile at the fact that one day everything they love will perish. Read the story here.

Tattoos as Family Heirlooms

You thought Victorians keeping locks of hair from their beloved dead ones was creepy? Brace yourself because you ain’t seen nothing yet. The latest trend in family heirlooms could be framed tattoos. Yes, that requires slicing your loved one’s skin and treating it with liquid silicone. But at least this way you can preserve a sight of the person you cherished for eternity. Or as long as your flat mates can bare it. Read the story here.

Funeral Selfies

What’s the worst thing you can do at a funeral? Dress inappropriately? Bring a snack or a date? Forget to silence your phone? OK, how about snapping a photo of yourself — a selfie — and posting it online? (Cue audible gasp.) If you are unfamiliar with the concept of the #funeralselfie, this may come as a shock. But it’s becoming a common practice among the younger generation, and some professionals think it’s simply putting a 21st-century face on grief. Read the story here.

Green Burials

Living a sustainable life is commendable, but now you can die sustainably too. The increasingly popular industry of “green burials” is offering eco-friendly funeral options like nontoxic embalming and biodegradable caskets. Your remains can even be turned into compost. Anything for those earth-loving, granola-eating folks who are dying not to leave an ecological footprint behind. Read the story here.

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