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Because we’re never going to move forward if we don’t listen to each other.

It is almost hard to believe how much the world has changed in the last few weeks — and indeed how the events in Atlanta just last night underscore the need for urgent change. When I wrote to OZY subscribers recently about our decision to refocus OZY’s mission and aim squarely at helping create a more inclusive and just world, more than 2,000 wrote back — and not with short notes, but long, thoughtful and honest ones.

Pastors, students, teachers, parents, protesters, police officers and victims of looting all wrote in. A former Klan Grand Dragon wrote in and so too did a scared 80-year-old grandmother. The letters are all filled with emotion, and each note is so valuable. 100 of the most interesting ideas on race that I have read so far are excerpted below.

We’ve brought this group together not because we think they have the answer, but because we believe we’ll all learn something when we listen to each other.

I’m sure this curation is imperfect; read on, and please let me know what you think after you read it — if you think we’ve missed an angle, a perspective or a person who deserves to be heard, or if you want to share your own story. You can write to me by sending a note to carlosrwatson@ozy.com.

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