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Woman to Woman

Woman to Woman

By OZY Editors


Because this is what women talk about when they’re getting real.

By OZY Editors

You know the feeling. You’re talking to some friends and a topic comes up that just hits a nerve. Suddenly, it seems like everyone is talking at once, because they’ve got an opinion to share or a story to tell. They’re the kind of things that you know everyone thinks about, but rarely gets to discuss. Except on OZY, where we’re all about talking about the things that women really want to talk about. Take these stories, for example.

A Plea for Separate Beds

Couples who sleep together… don’t really sleep, it turns out. And as much as you love your spouse, you love sleep a little more. We know this isn’t a sexy thing to say, but OZY has to ask — what’s so bad about separate beds? Sure, it’s a taboo topic — tell your friends you’ve got your own bedroom, and their next question is, “When’s the divorce?” Still, more couples than ever are quietly sleeping apart, and most likely they’re sleeping soundly.


Can We Make Female Condoms Cool, Already?

The female condom is one of the best tools around to help women take control of their sexual health. But it needs a major makeover. OZY looks at how to bring female condoms more into the mainstream and asks, If this were a tanking household product, what would corporate America do? How about giving it a new name, for starters, and then recasting it as a luxury item? 

Never-Married Men Over 40: Date-able or Debate-able?

Never-married heterosexual men over the age of 40 have always had a stigma, especially back in 1970, when they represented only 4.9 percent of the male population. But as marriage inches toward the take-it-or-leave-it category — for both sexes —  there are more never-married men between the ages of 40 and 44 than ever before – 20.4 percent at last census count. So what do we make of these perpetual (hetero) bachelors? OZY dissects the phenomenon. 


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