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For a Dream Trip, Plan a Lot ... and Savor the Adventure

For a Dream Trip, Plan a Lot ... and Savor the Adventure

By Anna Davies


Because part of the fun in taking a trip can be conquering the unexpected.

By Anna Davies

No Reservations by Anthony Bourdain is a travel classic, beloved by backpackers and five-star seekers alike. But as anyone who’s heard that phrase uttered at check-in can attest, it can also be the first two words of a travel horror story.

That’s what Natalie Moe, founder of the travel blog Happily Pink, discovered when she and her girlfriends booked a dream tropical getaway. The front desk had no record of their travel plans, Moe’s cell phone didn’t work … and when the hotel manager was finally able to get the group a room, they found it infested with ants.

“In the end we had our dream trip … but the biggest lesson I have learned from this is to always read the fine print.”

But here’s another travel truth: Sometimes, the biggest “what have we done with our time, money and PTO” travel disasters become the best stories. There’s nothing like 45 minutes of waiting solo outside immigration to make the reunion with your travel companions that much more celebratory. And as Moe found, successfully talking your way out of an ant-infested room makes that drink under a palm tree that much sweeter. After all, relaxation feels that much more delicious after an adrenaline rush.

Today, Moe reads the fine print on her reservations. But she also admits that what started as a travel disaster turned into one of the best trips ever.

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