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Because history compels the future. 

By OZY Editors

Here’s what drives us at OZY: the idea that more is possible. And we’re not afraid to challenge assumptions about the way the world is in order to see the world the way it could be. That conviction is right in our name. Yep, it’s from the Percy Bysshe Shelley poem “Ozymandias.” And yep, most folks read that poem as a caution against big egos and the impermanence of power.

We read it differently. To us, the poem says think big, but be humble, lest you end up “two vast and trunkless legs … in the desert.”

We know that’s an unconventional interpretation. And that’s who we are. Because in a world littered with conformity, we like to see things differently. We hope, through OZY, you will too.



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