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Because when you visit OZY you’re not just another reader; you’re part of our tribe.

By OZY Editors

We’re so glad you made it to the party! It’s been a real thrill to have you here for our big start, reading and watching along with some other folks you may have heard of. Don’t worry: We won’t let the attention go to our heads. 

Our top 5 moments so far:

The Nui Maneapa (island meeting hall) surrounded by the water seeping through the ground at high tide in Funati, Tuvalu

Terere Tea

1. Tweets! Howard Dean – former governor of Vermont and 2004 presidential candidate – tweeted our story about Dilma Rousseff, the outspoken president of Brazil. Rousseff made headlines this week when she blasted U.S. spying in a speech at the U.N. On the other side of the political spectrum, Kevin Madden, Mitt Romney’s former spokesman, called out our piece about Jeb Bush and his strong education policies. And noted environmentalist Bill McKibben said our piece about the first islands succumbing to global warming was “fascinating.” 

2. Buddying up. Our original stories appeared on USAToday.com, Huffington Post and NPR. We’ll be popping up on NPR’s All Things Considered on Saturday afternoons, talking about the new and the next each week. Find your station and listen in

3. You and your eclectic taste. Our Flashback to the last days of disco caught your fancy, with a reflection on Grace Jones’ anthem ”Pull Up to the Bumper.” That was a runaway hit, but close on its heels was our C-Note exploring the idea of another Bush White House, called “Read Our Lips: Keep an Eye on Jeb Bush.” Rounding out the top three was our Acumen about how the U.S. could learn a thing or two from Iceland’s progressive attitudes toward motherhood, marriage and work.

4. We love you too, Paraguay. We were beyond excited to see one of our videos go international last week. A story about the Paraguayan communal tea tradition, tereré, was picked up by major news outlets in the South American country and propelled our video views to 12,500 at last count. Pretty hot for our first week! 

5. Getting personal. Finally, we are flattered to report that you spent a lot of time checking out our bio pages and getting a good look at the OZY tribe. We love that you want to get to know us! We work hard to bring you a fantastic, can’t-get-it-anywhere-else experience, and we have plenty of fun doing it. Keep in touch and let us know how we’re doing.


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