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Vaulting Ahead

Vaulting Ahead

By OZY Editors



Because we’re all looking for the next big thing. 

By OZY Editors

In honor of the New Year, catch up on some of OZY’s signature ahead-of-the-curve coverage. 

Consider us astronomers, of a type. OZY has a knack for spotting people on the way up — the way, way up— and telling you about them before others glom on to their trajectory. We call our subjects Rising Stars. Some will take ages to attract mainstream media attention; others never will. But among the stories and trends we’ve covered before anyone else told you about them, we’re especially proud of some. 

Yep, we’re proud we were chillin’ with ballerina Misty Copeland well before the American Ballet Theater named her its first African American principal. Did you know she never thought of herself as a star of anything, let alone ballet? We caught on to Trevor Noah’s send-up of the clueless American accent before The Daily Show hired him to replace Jon Stewart. And we were hip to hipster death — incarnate in an L.A. mortician named Caitlin Doughty — more than a year before the good folks at The New Yorker dared write about her. 

We wrote about the effects of austerity on Athenian art galleries before others stopped to consider — or report— what economic duress does to an art scene. (Hint: It might not be what you expect.) And we sampled the delights, gustatory and otherwise, of ugly fruit before ugly fruit became a … thing. Christian McCaffrey was profiled in our pages before he was Heisman Trophy runner-up. And our reporter was catching waves in Hawaii with Rep. Tulsi Gabbard two months before The New York Times agreed with us: She is, indeed, a rising political star. 

We’re not going to take credit for these stars’ brightness. But we will take credit for not just catching you up, but for vaulting you ahead. 

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