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Up Close and Personal With Broad City and Issa Rae

Up Close and Personal With Broad City and Issa Rae

By Libby Coleman


Just remember: Don’t worry, be happy. 

By Libby Coleman

We’re not kidding around. OZY has a long history of covering the young and the funny, from Trevor Noah (pre-Daily Show desk) to Raphael Bob-Waksberg, creator of Netflix’s misanthropic sad-com BoJack Horseman. We’ve turned our readers on early to the latest in clean comedy and weed comedy. And we’ve reveled in comedy’s historic bests, like Stephen Colbert’s Dubya roast and Richard Pryor’s hard-to-swallow truths

Expect no less at OZY Fusion Fest, where we’ll bring our digital pages to life by featuring some of the funniest people on Earth — live onstage.

Issa Rae

Back in 2014, Issa Rae delivered her groundbreaking, erudite web series “The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl,” and the YouTube-sphere took notice to the tune of millions of views. If you never watched this, we feel sorry for you. But all is forgiven; here’s what you missed: Imagine if Seinfeld and Chappelle had a baby. That’s as close as we can get to describing her brand of comedy. 

Soon, you’ll be hearing about this 31-year-old New York Times best-seller, producer, writer and actress everywhere. Her new HBO show Insecure drops this fall and is poised to be the next Veep or Silicon Valley megahit. When she takes the stage today, bring a Kleenex — you’ll be left in tears. 

Broad City

Lighthearted, sweet-talking, pot-smoking. Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer came up through the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre ranks with a leg up from Amy Poehler, who’s a sort of comedic godmother to them. Their critically acclaimed web series “Broad City” turned into Comedy Central’s hit series of the same name. In three seasons, they’ve snaked shower drains, faked parkour and attended a dog wedding in Central Park.

Now Glazer, 29, has a stoner comedy, first aired in April on Comedy Central, about a time-traveling bong. Of course. Meanwhile, Jacobson, a 32-year-old former art student, will soon have a new illustration book out called Carry This Book. For the most part, though, the pair seem inseparable on-screen and off. Don’t miss the edgy comedy duo as they spit truth in a conversation moderated by podcast host Phoebe Robinson. Fingers crossed they drop at least one “yas queen”!


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