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Could a new generation of Republicans redefine the Grand Old Party?

By OZY Editors

Since she joined OZY last year, journalist Emily Cadei has profiled a welter of political figures from both sides of the aisle. They’re all likely to make waves in the years ahead — even though one of them, Christine Jones, has already been booted from her race.

Christine Jones

Just who is Christine Jones? Tech policy wonk who’s testified before Congress? Wealthy civic activist? Or hard-right anti-establishment gubernatorial upstart? The answer, Cadei suggested, would determine how far the former startup exec would go in her race for Arizona governor. Jones lost the Republican primary in August, but she did a lot better than most people expected, and has built up the credibility and name recognition for a more successful run. Read the story here. 


Marilinda Garcia

Marilinda Garcia, the 31-year-old New Hampshire congressional candidate, has fared better. Critics say she’s still too young, too green, too unserious. But with her campaign picking up one key endorsement after another, Garcia is starting to look rather serious after all. While the Republican establishment wasn’t initially sold on Garcia, it’s now playing catch-up, and Garcia, a harpist, looks like a serious contender for the House of Representatives. Read more here. 

Thomas Cotton

That’s how bright the future seems for Tom Cotton, a 37-year-old Harvard grad and combat veteran who won his first political contest, to represent Arkansas’ 4th District in the U.S. House, last fall. Amid some of the worst factionalism the GOP has seen in decades, Cotton has demonstrated the rare ability to appeal to both the tea party and establishment wings of the GOP — a less divisive idealist than Ted Cruz with the hawkish credentials of John McCain. Read the profile here.

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