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Unapologetic: A Webby-Nominated Series

Unapologetic: A Webby-Nominated Series

By Viviane Feldman


This OZY video series features people whose lives run against societal expectations, highlighting what makes them unique on their journey to self-acceptance.

By Viviane Feldman

Unapologetic is a Webby Award-nominated video series featuring individuals who are living their lives against societal standards. Each episode highlights their struggles, their journey and what makes them unique.

Jax: What It’s Like to Be Gender Nonconforming

While working a summer job on Fire Island, a well-known queer community, Jax Quinn was dressed in drag by a performer “on a whim.” She instantly felt “excited and alive” in a way she never had before.

Mona: The Pole Dancer With Her Own Studio

For Mona Marie, pole-dancing offers a chance to find empowerment through vulnerability. It’s encouraging for her as a teacher to see her students at her studio, Poletic Justice, develop confidence and strength by using an industry that is often tainted with negativity and misinformation.

Adi: I Can Be Gay and Jewish at the Same Time

As Adi Alouf grew into her identity, she knew that her sexuality didn’t change or diminish her ability to analyze religious texts or practice Judaism. “I’ve never really felt like I needed to shift one identity to make room for the other,” she says.

Vicky: Girl By Day, Queen By Night

As a cis-woman, a woman born biologically female, Vicky was unsure about how she would be accepted into a traditionally gay man’s arena. The terms “bio queen” or “faux queen” are often used to refer to women like Vicky performing in traditional drag and come with certain stigmas.

Tony: The Two Spirit Musician

Tony Enos uses pop music to speak on issues that have been ignored by or stigmatized in the Native American community. He incorporates traditional elements to educate, inspire and bring comfort to other Native Americans, especially those who identify as Two Spirit.

Tarek: Designing a Better Future

After enduring discrimination, assault and jail in his home country of Egypt, Tarek escaped to the United States to live freely as a gay man. Now he’s making his own way in the world of costume design, working with productions like Miss Universe and RuPaul’s Drag Race.

MV Young: Wrestling with Identity

Mike Young used to be a good guy. But that was too boring. You see, in the wrestling ring, as “MV Young,” he fights as someone you love to hate — and hate to watch lose. He fights like someone who makes you question good and evil, and maybe even your own morality.

Zelda: Cutting Away at Wig Tradition

Zelda Volkov believes religion is personal. That’s why she offers the married Orthodox Jewish women in her neighborhood a place to look as natural — or as unnatural — as they want while still remaining true to their faith.

Hira: Healing with the Purifying Power of Tattoo Pain

Hira Lupe knows about pain. Since learning how to tattoo in her hometown of Milan, her journey to become an artist in the body art industry has been filled with an unexpected amount of it.

Terrisa: Pro-Life, Anti-Trump

Terrisa Bukovinac seems like the typical 30-something San Franciscan. She’s a Democrat, a feminist, a vegan and loves to go to karaoke with friends and drink at Dolores Park. She also happens to be the president and founder of Pro-Life San Francisco.

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