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Tribe's Scribes: Edition Breed!

Tribe's Scribes: Edition Breed!

By OZY Editors



He’ll make you stop, look and listen, then he’ll pull it all up around the corner to where others dare not go. You can’t not watch.

By OZY Editors

There’s a point at which you stop calling someone a wunderkind and maybe start called them a wundermensch. Breed just turned 30, so maybe he’s both. From being OZY’s go-to video host to producing and writing his own music, this business management major is sometimes quirky, always original and eminently watchable. Don’t believe us? Click through and hit play to sample some of his best work:

Cheating Hearts

Source Jon Boyes/Getty

Cheating Hearts

An unpleasant mathematical calculation of the heart, as unpleasant as it is to make, must be made on odd occasion. If you were going to have an uncomfortable moment of discovering romantic infidelity, would you prefer that The Other be better looking than you? Or worse? Simple question. Or maybe not so. Breed, camera crew in tow, finds out exactly how expansive the human heart (and head) can be.

Romain Gavras

Source Gary Smith/Gallery Stock

Winner of the Week: Romain Gavras

It might be in the blood, from father Costa-Gavras to son Romain, or maybe it’s a unique blend of nurture and a genius eye, but Romain Gavras shoots scintillating video that jumps from the screen. From Gavras’ work with MIA, Simian Mobile Disco, a feature film with the great Vincent Cassel, his Adidas ad campaign or his Dior Homme ad with Robert Pattinson, Gavras is very cool about how hot he is. And Breed? Very hot about how cool Gavras is.  

The Politics of Owe

If we happened to be downtown, at a 7-11 convenience store, for example, and we asked you for some cash to buy a lottery ticket and you won on that borrowed cash? Do you owe us much of anything? Other than a kind word and a smile? Would assuming that you did cause things to get a tad frosty when you’re pulling up to our house in a Rolls? Inquisitive minds, Breed’s specifically, are wanting to know all about the political and personal ramifications of “owe.”

And one more, as a bonus. You deserve it! Breed is at his best as he explains how he saw past one reality show contestant’s shabby look and really listened to the passion coming though the guy’s singing.

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