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Because we all love something new.

By OZY Editors

We love the absolute urgency of New Year’s Eve. The countdowns, the hankering for a kiss like nothing you’ve seen since your prom. We think of Harry Burns rushing to the side of Sally Albright — It’s not because I’m lonely! — and we think of Y2K, god, we think of Y2K, and how nothing happened. But that doesn’t diminish the thrill. 

Whether you are celebrating on a beach in Cancún, with family you see just once a year, with your frattiest friends, or snoozing on your couch — gotta be well rested for your New Year’s resolutions!! — we hope you feel that spark tonight. No matter what your party scene, we’ve corralled a few of our favorites for you today. For the classy: open your champagne tonight not with a pop but with a saber. Or cop some dance moves from New Orleans’ enigmatic performer. (If you’re a bit more aggressive, try the fight-moves of Oakland’s rowdiest fête, Hoodslam.) Covet the fabulous life of Miami’s Gatsby, or get wild yourself, create a massive rave, and secede from the world, creating your own nation for the night a la the Kazantip Republic

But be safe: don’t end up like the 1970s’ sex-filled tragic doorman Haoui Montaug. And stay far, far away from the nastiest party drug around these days — meow meow. Be well, OZY friends, and we’ll see you in the New Year, shiny and bright. 

OZY Editors


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