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Three Awesome Places to Party Around the World


Three Awesome Places to Party Around the World

By OZY Editors


Because Saturday night’s coming up and you need a plan.

By OZY Editors

There’s nothing wrong with hitting your community bar or nightclub, but if you want to mix it up your party scenes, we suggest setting your sights on a place a bit more exotic. Would you consider diving into a hot Eastern European locale? How about enjoying the techno scene inside thousand-year old Hungarian mansions? You can do it! So check out our OZY reporters’ takes on three of the best under-the-radar places to party around the world – we promise you, these venues bring partying to a whole new level.  

The Rave So Large It’s Its Own Country

People dancing at a concert

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Kazantip is a 10-day Eastern European rave its organizers insist is more than a just a party. They say it’s a Republic – and they’ve got the visas, constitution and criminal code to prove it. Last year 100,000 people descended on a tiny village in Crimea to take part in a dancing party but because of the unexpected annexation by Russia, the organizers saw an opportunity to take the show on the road and codify its enormity as a civil , legally-ratified  movement. This year the revelers alighted on Anaklia, a resort in the Black Sea, prompting its jubilant prime minister to declare the tiny movable nation has the ”highest percentage of happy people of all countries in the world.” Read more here

An Old Fort in the Middle of the Sea


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They say a man is an island, but give that man a private island with a rooftop pool, hot tub, champagne bar, fire pit and luxurious guest rooms, and you’ve got a presumably much happier man. The Solent Forts located off the coast of England were created by Napoleon III in 1861 but didn’t see much party action until an entrepreneur bought them in 2009 and converted them into travel destinations. Spitbank Fort and No Man’s Land Fort are the main destinations and are notorious for being reachable by boat or helicopter only. The hardship to get there is more than made up by treats once you get there, though. There are wine cellars, game rooms, posh suites and cigar bars at prices starting at $850/night. So, OK, they’re not exactly cheap but we’re talking about a private island, folks. So gather up your strewn-about piggy banks and break them open so you can party with Virgin founder Richard Branson and other regualr celebrity visitors. Read more here

Budapest: Thermal Spa-rties

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Budapest doesn’t leap to mind when you’re thinking of party hot spots. Ibiza? Definitely. Santorini? Sure. But Eastern Europe is still associated by many with Communism more than cocktails. But that’s changing and the Hungarian capital has a lot to do with it. The Pearl of the Danube attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year for its stunning architecture and thermal spas and increasingly for its clubs, bars and music venues. If you’re looking for something upscale, there’s Doblo Wine & Bar, with hundreds of pours by the glass, or Bar Budapest, an elegant watering hole favored by the city’s social elite. But if you’re looking for something you won’t find at home, beat a path to Szechenyi or Lukács, thermal spas that transform into massive bath parties, or “sparties.” So the next time you’re lucky enough to plan a trip to Europe, don’t stop at Paris: The real party’s happening in the Paris of the East. Read more here.


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