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The Week of April 24: 5 Things You Need to Know

The Week of April 24: 5 Things You Need to Know

By OZY Editors


Because we all like a little cure for the Sunday-night blues.

By OZY Editors

Here’s what’s on our radar for the week of April 24. 

Obama Takes on ISIS: Will He Change His Tone?

In Germany, President Obama will mark the end of a three-country international swing. Expect him to deliver remarks on terrorism, all the timelier in the wake of ISIS attacks in neighboring Belgium last month. Over the past year, Obama has led a multipart strategy — military intervention, training Iraqi and Syrian forces and choking ISIS’s financing. We’ll see if his message has changed in any way. Will he double down on talk of creating a multinational coalition — as OZY’s columnist John McLaughlin, an ex-CIA chief, wrote about in December 2015?

Searching for the Next Peyton Manning

For NFL fans, it’s the dorkiest time of the year: the draft! The multimillion-dollar, high-stakes nail-biter starts this Thursday and ends on Saturday. Who’s on top? The Los Angeles Rams traded up for the No. 1 pick, which cost them a pretty penny (six picks!). Now who will they choose? Our money’s on Cal quarterback Jared Goff, who’s got some pro sports in his blood — his father’s a former major league baseball player. If it’s not Goff, expect Carson Wentz to be holding up a Rams jersey. We’ll bring you a few names to know this week.

Moving Out of New York

Hillary’s double-digit win in New York all but assured her a delegate lead going into the convention and has dampened Bernie’s narrative about the will of the people being on his side. Meanwhile, Trump’s dominant win kept his hopes of wrapping up the nomination pre-convention alive, maiming Cruz at the same time. Next up: Trump and Hillary will likely continue to do well in Tuesday’s five states, but the real question will be whether Cruz can stop Trump, who’s promising he’s becoming more disciplined, in Indiana two weeks from now.

April’s Cruelty

Last week, April seemed cruel indeed. T.S. Eliot said it best: “April is the cruelest month.” We’re honoring that sentiment by bringing you an entire week of cruelty, starting with today’s curtain-raiser on Game of Thrones. Check back for a lefty argument in favor of corporal punishment, a harrowing tale about digging for mines in Afghanistan, a couple of massacres and an ancient sport that ends in death. Plus: Mexican cockfighting. Why are we sometimes so evil? We’ll turn to George Eliot for this one. “Cruelty, like every other vice, requires no motive outside of itself; it only requires opportunity.”

Is College Worth It?

Check out the show Point Taken on PBS, hosted by our own CEO and cofounder, Carlos Watson. Topic of Tuesday’s debate: Is college worth it? We’re sure you’ve got a lot of good answers — share them with Carlos at


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