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The Politics of Owe

The Politics of Owe

By Breed


Because if you are a borrower or a lender and you believe in games of chance, it’s best to have this kind of thing ironed out beforehand.

By Breed

You then use the cash foolishly and buy a lottery ticket. 
The setup is so simple. You’re standing in front of a bodega and ask a friend for some cash. Obligingly, your friend gives you the cash – despite the many warnings Ben Frank leveled against both borrowing and lending. 

Except not so foolishly, because this one hits and hits big.

While you’re bathing in champagne and exulting at God finally coming to his senses, you remember your friend who gave you the cash. And then you remember you have an appointment to go yachting and forget all about this so-called friend.

The question remains, though: Do you owe the money-grubbing leech who lent you money anything? At all?

We wondered. So, out to the street we went….

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