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The OZY Comix Cavalcade!

By Pat Moriarity


Because it’s a yuckfest and a laff riot and features hatfuls of hysterical hijinks!

Pat Moriarity got his start in the best of all possible ways: in the spit and casual chaos of mid-1980s Minneapolis punk, a tutelage that saw him slaving for Twin/Tone Records and bands like the Replacements, the Mekons and Soul Asylum. It was a start that eventually saw him making the move out West, where his Harvey Award–nominated Big Mouth contained illustrated stories by the likes of the late great Harvey Pekar, the still very much alive Robert Crumb, Mary Fleener, Dennis Eichhorn and, total disclosure, OZY’s Eugene S. Robinson.

And now? Besides working out of his garage studio in Port Orchard, Washington, and dealing with the wild flora and fauna thereabouts, Moriarity is an adjunct professor at the Seattle Art Institute and is also doing comics for Mineshaft magazine. And not at all able to shake the music thing, he still does posters and record sleeves, most recently for Sealion, Hey Lover, Endino’s Earthworm and an upcoming double album by bluesman Nick Moss.


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