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The 'Outsider' Taking the Fashion World by Storm

The 'Outsider' Taking the Fashion World by Storm

By daisy Carrington


Because taking ownership of your vision can make a larger impact than you imagined.

By daisy Carrington

The first advice Brandice Daniel ever received about entrepreneurship came from her father. He instilled it in her from a young age.

“He was really big on saving and reinvesting your money back into your business. He always taught us to ‘Take care of your business,’ even when we were young kids.”

Daniel is the founder and CEO of Harlem’s Fashion Row, a fashion incubator that connects emerging multicultural designers with buyers and press. She not only heeded her father’s advice, but she also uses it to advise the young designers she takes under her wing.

I’m able to share a lot of the mistakes that I made, and a lot of the learnings.

Brandice Daniel

“I get to impart financial lessons on the designers that come through, so I’m able to share a lot of the mistakes that I made, and a lot of the learnings.”

Daniel says that as a woman of color, she’s often felt like an outsider in the fashion world — something that is also true of many of the designers she works with. She says it has taken her a long time to acknowledge and strengthen her voice.


“You know, I didn’t want to make too much noise,” she admits. “For a long time, I felt like I had to assimilate or not be seen. For the first three years of Harlem’s Fashion Row, I never let people know who was behind it.”

She has since taken ownership of her vision and the role she plays in the company she founded.

“Now I love the fact that I’m a fashion outsider, that I approach this industry very differently, because it allows for other people to say, ‘Well, I love this industry and I don’t feel like I fit either, but if Brandice was able to do it, I’m able to do it too.’ ”

Listen to the interview above to find out how Daniel used her savings to launch a business that has put over 50 fashion designers on the map and created one of the most iconic events during New York Fashion Week.

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