The New Kings of Comedy

The New Kings of Comedy

By OZY Editors

Ron Funches cast member of NBC's 'Undateable' performs at Laugh Boston in Boston, Mass. on March 3, 2014. (Photo by Jessica Rinaldi/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)
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Because comedy transcends all.

By OZY Editors

Comedy is the great equalizer. An on-point joke, with the right timing, transcends money, religious persuasion and even nationality. Perhaps that’s why so many idealistic — and vocal — youths are flocking to it as a profession. Make it big and you could be heard round the world. Politics what?

A bit contrarian ourselves, OZY has rounded up a few of these global contrarian comics. From the Brazilian posse that evoked the wrath of the country’s powerful Catholic Church, to the sassy Indian friends who love to cut into controversial topics, to the tech geeks whose fake Bollywood movie reviews led to YouTube superstardom, they’re all here. Check ’em out below.

India’s Sassiest Comedy Group Tackles the Big Stuff

Leave it to a scraggly group of 20-somethings to break India’s long-held conservative social barriers. Through gut-busting but relatable one-liners, All India Bakchod, as they’re called, addresses topics like rape, porn and sexual orientation. The cohort’s rising profile has even given them sway to co-opt some of the country’s more established media personalities, including Bollywood stars, to get their message out. Read more here.

The Comedy Group Breaking Brazil’s Internet

Porta dos Fundos, made up of five veteran Brazilian actors, are taking over YouTube in South America. Their style? Confrontational and borderline offensive. Like the sketch where a gynecologist discovers an image of Jesus between a woman’s legs during a routine exam — which got the Catholic Church to log an “official criticism.” But you know what the saying is: If you’re not making somebody uncomfortable, you’re not doing your job. Read more here.

The Big Man Stands Up

Ron Funches looks like a teddy bear, and he kind of is. His openness — no rock in his life goes unturned, including his son’s autistic personality — and sweetness is a surprise to people. But don’t be fooled: His humor cuts deep. And he’s not afraid to drop an f-bomb or take on subjects like race in America. Expect to hear a lot more from this bear of a guy, now co-starring in a new NBC comedy. Read more here.

Pretentious Bollywood Movie Reviews

You usually don’t expect to find the latest comedy stars sitting behind a computer, but that’s exactly where Kanan Gill and Biswa Kalyan Rath were before launching Pretentious Movie Reviews, a street-level Indian version of Siskel & Ebert that skewers the Bollywood industry. The show already has nearly 200,000 subscribers on YouTube and each new video gets about 1 million views a month. Read more here.