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Because prospects for young attorneys aren’t as dismal as you might think.

By OZY Editors

We’ve all heard the groans: Law school is a waste (gigantic waste) of money. The private firms aren’t hiring. And working for the public sector is a thankless, tireless escapade of self-sacrifice. Yet, OZY offers another narrative when it comes to the judicial path: it’s worth exploring. While some areas are cutting back, new legal arenas are emerging. And these renegade attorneys are doing some meaningful work. What we’re saying is maybe it’s not so bad after all.

Why You Should Go to Law School

Many bright students have been scared off from law school, and for good reason. Hiring dropped calamitously after the recession, leading a generation saddled with college debt to look past this career choice. They’ve also become clear-eyed about the realities of legal practice. But with the economy getting stronger and the need for legal services increasing just as enrollments are going down, supply and demand is starting to favor the law student. Which is why this writer makes the argument that law is still an attractive occupation. Read more here.

A Domestic Violence Lawyer With a Big Idea

Tia Canlas is not what you expect in a trial lawyer. The 29-year-old is a novice, with just four cases under her belt. Yet, she’s worth paying attention to. The young attorney represents victims of domestic violence and has a potentially explosive idea about the law: Bring civil suits against domestic abusers, not just criminal ones. Read more here.

The Increasing Need for Water Attorneys

A never-ending California drought, water conflicts in Texas and Southern water wars: Rights disputes involving both surface and ground water are making it more evident than ever that H2O is a precious commodity. Unsurprisingly, the fight over water bubbles up when there isn’t enough to go around. But it’s also led to a new legal career path. Enter stage right: water rights attorneys. Read more here

Did You Hear the One About the Lawyer Shortage?

The Big Law market is lousier than ever, thanks to continuing fallout from the recession. Behemoth firms have foundered. Others have cut back on hires or — gasp! — resorted to layoffs. But the real crisis looms quieter, far from the shiny high-rises where people count their days in six-minute increments. There may still be a lawyer glut at the white-shoe law firms. But there’s a shortage almost everywhere else, from government agencies to legal aid clinics to state courthouses. Read more here.

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