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The Man Making the Whole World Bounce With Music

The Man Making the Whole World Bounce With Music

By OZY Editors


Tomorrow is full of surprises, and some of them are even good ones.

By OZY Editors

Welcome to The Professionals, an eight-part video series that connects you to the hearts, minds and anything-but-ordinary days of the people who run things, do things and make things GO.

Sean C.: Producer, DJ, Record Label Exec, Mentor

The history of the star story is littered with both passing fancies and never-beens. But to swivel away and around the initial letdown and keep on keeping on into something fabulous? Well, that takes a special kind of resilience, determination and luck. But even more specifically, in the case of Sean C.? Desperation.

A desperation born of being a young, unemployed, single father with cancer and no real Plan B until a Plan B alternative to his in-front-of-the-mic dreams of stardom gave way to a reality behind the boards. For none other than Jay-Z, then Puff Daddy, and then a steady retinue of stars — Big Pun, Raekwon, Terror Squad — to fill out the Grammy noms, executive production cred and a goodbye to worrying about where the rent money was coming from. 

“God, the universe, whatever you want to call it, gave me cancer in order to divert my attention to take life seriously, like, ‘What if you die? What have you done?’ ”

Good questions for just about anyone not already considering them but great ones for a man on the precipice. And the rest? His story, history and right here on OZY.


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