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Because good relationships are precious. And whether you’re dating virtually or in-person committed, you want to protect that love – and yourself.

By OZY Editors

Wedded Bliss, Without Kids

What’s it really like, being together with someone long-term and not having children? Apparently rather awesome: flexible schedules, extended time together, the ability to go out whenever. But it can feel peculiar being a non-mom, says this OZY writer — who has been happily, childlessly “coupled” for over two decades — especially when 99 percent of your friends went the parenthood route. But the childless-and-over-40 situation is not as uncommon as you might expect. More women are passing the mid-40s mark without having a child. Yes, life with kids can be really great. And so can life without them, especially if you follow these three tips. Read the story here

Social Media = The Marriage Killer

Oh Facebook: wrecker of relationships, mangler of marital bliss. A new study has found that, in general, people who use social media are more likely to think about leaving their spouse. This isn’t about cheating, as previous studies have explored. Instead, this new research suggests that those troubled by their marriage may be turning to social media for emotional support (as opposed to just looking for a little somethin’ on the side). When looking at increased usage of social media sites across the country, researchers found that a bump in Facebook use correlated with a bump in divorce rates. Uh-oh. So, if your sweetheart seems more attached to Instagram or Twitter than to you, make sure you read of these facts. Read the story here.

Sign This: Pre-Relationship Contracts

Should you and your lover sign a social media prenup? Yes, it’s not a bad idea — especially in this age of all things Internet. Because what happens when two people who have posted, tweeted, Vine-d and Instagram-ed every aspect of their coupledom break up? It brings to mind a horror version of that Jim Carrey movie where a guy and girl try to erase each other from their memory after the relationship goes south. We’ve seen the kind of digital warfare and ugliness that can erupt post-breakup — from the vicious to the humiliating to the merely awkward. It’s the Wild West when it comes to dating and social media, kids: Protect yourself and your significant other by setting guidelines. You don’t even need a lawyer. Read the story here.

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