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Because TV is getting better, but it’s getting harder to watch it. 

By OZY Editors

Big-Screen Actors Going Small

You may have missed it, but everyone wants to be on TV these days. Including the likes of, among others, Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry. Yes, kids, this is the hot new future of big-screen acting stars. Extant, which premiered July 9, starred Halle Berry as the exclamation point on a diverse list of movie stars who have turned to television for a second life. Pause for a second to consider what a unicorn moment this is: An A-lister and global beauty icon — who during the 2000s ranked as one of film’s highest-paid actresses, commanding between $10 million and $15 million per flick — is slumming it on network TV? That’s right. And she’s not alone. Read the story here

The Future of the TV Guide

Find any of these frustrating scenarios familiar? You want to watch a movie but you don’t know which provider is streaming it, so you jump from Netflix to Amazon Instant Video to HBO to iTunes in an attempt to find it. Or you want to find a new TV series to binge-watch, but the recommendations you are getting aren’t squaring with your personal tastes. Well, take heart, dear boob tube watcher. “The electronic programming guide is going through literally a rapid evolution right now,” says Jesse Redniss, former TV exec and chief strategy officer at Spredfast. He says we are moving toward a more personalized guide that serves up recommendations based on your interests and what you consume. Ready? Dive into the pool of content discovery projects to see some of the options in the works. Read the story here.



The Trouble With Netflix

Lately, everything seems to be going Netflix’s way. Shares in the entertainment giant are up, and it now has more subscribers than HBO. It’s getting mad respect for its much-improved personalization experience for customers, dedicated customer service team and original content. Plus, the company is making big bucks. But could Netflix be in the wrong lane? After all, AOL, MySpace and Nokia are not such distant memories in Silicon Valley. And in the wake of Blockbuster’s closure, the fate of even a seemingly invincible corporate juggernaut can be sealed almost as fast as you can say “consumer demand is clearly moving to digital distribution of video entertainment.” Looking at the future, here are where some of Netflix’s key challenges lie. Read the story here


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