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The Big Moment: Master the Move-in

The Big Moment: Master the Move-in

By Joshua Eferighe


Because the stress doesn't end when you find a place.

By Joshua Eferighe

This is the third of three parts of “Decision Moments.” Jump back to part one here and part two here.

Your apartment is your safe haven, your escape from the world, your sanctuary. But you can’t simply sit back and relax once the hard work of securing an abode is done.

You’ve got to physically get your furniture in the new place, or in the case of Rachel Mooreland, start from scratch. There’s also making your apartment feel like a home, which takes time and touch. Finally, there’s ensuring that what you worked so hard and stressed so much for is well-protected. 

With a little help from her mom and boyfriend, Mooreland gets settled in her new place — upgraded from a studio to a one-bedroom in downtown Chicago — then enhances the place with her vibe and flavor. And she takes the all-important step of protecting her assets with renters insurance — a plan that covers everything that she’s worked so hard for, from her shoe collection to her tablet and more.

Moving into a new apartment is like playing hero to yourself. Luckily, you don’t have to save the day alone. 

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