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Because millions of fans can actually be wrong.

By Eugene S. Robinson

You can’t argue with success, right?

A TV show like Friends — which pulled in more than 20 million viewers every season of its life between 1994 and 2004, was nominated 62 times for Emmy Awards, and in 2002 ranked as TV Guide magazine’s No. 21 greatest TV show of all time — has got to be good right? Even if measured in guffaws, chuckles and chortles alone, right? 

Wrong, wrong, wrong!

It left us dizzy, confused and, ultimately, really, really angry.

While most television, even reality television, departs as quickly as possible from reality, Friends — with its cast of appealingly inoffensive non-New Yorkers — fled so far and so fast from the known universe that it left us dizzy, confused and, ultimately, really, really angry.

For making obscene amounts of cash? Well, yeah. For being un-funny? Well, no, it was pretty funny.

But for taking such sweeping artistic license with the greatest city on Earth? Totally. That’s probably right around where we failed to be amused.

And if any confirmation is needed that we’re not just solitary voices in the wind, even TV Guide has started to lose the courage of its earlier convictions, because by 2013, Friends had already slipped to spot No. 28 in its ranking of all-time best TV series.

Now that’s funny.

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