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Tell Us What You Think

Tell Us What You Think

By OZY Editors



Because OZY can’t get to smarter, fresher and different without input from YOU.

By OZY Editors

Every week the OZY staff gathers around the conference table and on the conference line to hash out our best ideas for articles, videos and images we think are elite enough to bring to the OZY audience. But even with a diverse group speaking from points around the world, we know we’re missing some voices: Yours. 

What would you like to see here on OZY? Was there a piece you enjoyed, but wish we’d explored some other facet of the story? Maybe you have insight into a trend or movement we’ve covered, and you’d like to introduce us to the real up-and-comers on the scene. Or maybe there’s a whole swath of ideas you think we need to bring to the table to make this meal complete.

What tips and suggestions do you have for us? Let us have it — we’re looking forward to digging into your ideas at the next team meeting!

Get in touch in the comments below, or at We’ll get back to each and every one of you. Thanks for being part of the tribe.


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