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Retailers, fashion houses and even customers are using technology to change the way we shop.

By OZY Editors

Brick-and-Mortar Retailers Counterattack

They may be old-school, but brick-and-mortar retailers are tracking you in ways the NSA might admire. Whether it’s video surveillance, in-store Wi-Fi monitoring, heat mapping or geosensors, traditional retailers are discovering technology’s value in combating the spawn of technology: online retailers. Read the story here.

The End of Brick + Mortar? Not if Millennials Can Help It

Generation Y is changing the shopping experience that all retailers once counted on: the idea that they could lure customers via window dressings or advertisements. Instead, millennials are forcing retailers to think hard about how to engage a new kind of customer: one more inclined to browse than buy, at least immediately. Young shoppers aren’t looking for the same cues their parents once did. They do their own research via organic sources, such as social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. But an interesting part of those habits, it turns out, still involves going to the store. Read the story here.



Big Data: Coming Soon to Your Bra?

There’s no way around it: Tech doesn’t really get fashion. But just like every other industry, fashion brands are racing to use the hot new thing in big biz: big data. Big data technology enables companies to crunch billions of data points at a time, from your shoe size to your Social Security number. Apparel companies once used big data mainly for marketing, but now they’re hoping to give consumers more precise sizing — and help you plug into a universe of personal data on your health, fitness and weight. What’s next could be a convergence of connected devices as wearables, smart gyms and more. Meet high-tech fashion. Read the story here.


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