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Because being boring is easy.

By OZY Editors

It would have been easy to be what Stanley Lumax was, a brand executive whose work took him all up and down Madison Avenue, without the slightest scintilla of subversive. Which is to say that with a résumé that included a steady diet of campaigns for everyone from Texaco, Target and Verizon to Nike, Converse and Mountain Dew, no one would have blamed him at all for playing it 100 … percent … safe.

But having grown up in both Africa and America, Lumax was drawn, ultimately, to the kind of dream embrace that would leave more or less reasonable people thinking in a very serious way: Why?

Lumax framed it a little differently though. Differently and much more specifically: “Why not?”

To mentoring folks at the New Museum’s New Inc culture-tech incubator to launching a food and music collective for expats from Africa living in Brooklyn and to following an obsession with photography.

All part of a pretty cool tapestry guaranteed to keep life, at the very least, interesting — if not a little bit busy.


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