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Taking the Branding Long View With Lumax

Taking the Branding Long View With Lumax

By OZY Editors


Because being boring is easy.

By OZY Editors

It would have been easy to be what Stanley Lumax was, a brand executive whose work took him all up and down Madison Avenue, without the slightest scintilla of subversive. Which is to say that with a résumé that included a steady diet of campaigns for everyone from Texaco, Target and Verizon to Nike, Converse and Mountain Dew, no one would have blamed him at all for playing it 100 … percent … safe.

But having grown up in both Africa and America, Lumax was drawn, ultimately, to the kind of dream embrace that would leave more or less reasonable people thinking in a very serious way: Why?

Lumax framed it a little differently though. Differently and much more specifically: “Why not?”

To mentoring folks at the New Museum’s New Inc culture-tech incubator to launching a food and music collective for expats from Africa living in Brooklyn and to following an obsession with photography.

All part of a pretty cool tapestry guaranteed to keep life, at the very least, interesting — if not a little bit busy.


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