Superstars for the OZY Camera: 1PM - 2PM - OZY | A Modern Media Company


They’d been wanting to retake their Facebook profile picture for, like, ages. We gave them their chance to ham it up like the stars they are.

By OZY Events

It was another chilly day in  NYC on March 17, 2014, but there was still plenty to celebrate. Some folks had already begun “pre-partying” when we turned our sights on them. OZY’s photography crew gave them the superstar treatment on our outdoor set. Take a peek at all our midday visitors below, and find photos from the rest of the day at these links: Images from 11AM to 1PM, from 2PM to 3PM, from 3PM to 4PM, from 4PM to 5PM, from 5PM to 6PM and from 6PM to 7PM.


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