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Stop Bashing Capitalism, and Other Big Ideas

Stop Bashing Capitalism, and Other Big Ideas

By OZY Editors


Because who doesn’t want be in the know?

By OZY Editors

We’re only two months into the New Year, and already OZY has unleashed some big ideas about the changing world around us — and from some pretty big people (hello, Bill Gates). It’s not all tech talk either. It’s the new face of terrorism, the perils of shunning capitalism and how to handle feelings of regret. Read on for some of our latest and greatest thought pieces. 

Land, Money, Story: Terrorism’s Toxic Combination

Today’s terrorism is far from what it looked like just 14 years ago in the wake of 9/11. A confluence of land, money, recruiting tools and access to the West poses new dangers. Certainly, terrorists have had such advantages before, but we’ve never before seen them combined so powerfully or in this magnitude. John McLaughlin, former deputy director of the CIA, explores the main sources of this newfound strength and how it has the potential to overwhelm the traditional counterterrorism formula. But what then is the key to taking back control and ensuring safety? Read more here


It’s Time to Love Capitalism Again

As more and more once-closed countries are opening their arms to welcome foreign capital, investors’ options for where to place their money have multiplied. Yet capitalism has been held back by a general mistrust (think Occupy Wall Street). Perhaps well-intentioned, but there’s a real economic danger posed by the anti-capitalism movement. For starters, it puts us on a costly collision course with one of the most important economic trends of the next two decades: the explosion of working-age populations throughout the developing world. What no one is saying is this: We need more jobs — and capitalism creates them. And according to the dean of the NYU Stern School of Business, Peter Henry, if we continue on this trend of bashing capital and open markets, our labor markets don’t stand a chance. Read more here

We think the pundits will be reflecting on a trio of major trends that defined the global Silicon Valley in 2015. First, we have the copycats. It’s a huge land grab for entrepreneurs and investors over the world’s emerging economies — much of which will involve grabbing mobile and e-commerce ideas that have already proven to work and racing to serve the world’s rising middle class using those innovations. Next, this will be the year that digital will finally emerge out of the screen to touch, and change, the physicalThink Big Data, artificial intelligence and imaging software, affecting everything from the Milky Way to our DNA. And, finally, good ol’ banking is due for a makeover. At last, the complexity of financial services is set to be unbundled into apps. Read more here

90 Seconds With Bill Gates

OZY’s good friend Bill Gates has been very busy throwing out big ideas in the first months of the new year, touching on everything from regret and inequality to mobile banking in Africa and the Nigerian terrorist group Boko Haram. When Gates turned his attention — and his billions — toward global aid 15 years ago, it was with the same single-minded determination that brought him success at Microsoft. Now, he’s giving us insight into a lot more than just technology.  

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