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So You Need to Move?

So You Need to Move?

By Eugene S. Robinson


Because moving can be tricky without the right support.

By Eugene S. Robinson

This is the first of three parts of “Decision Moments.” Watch part two here and part three here.

Choosing well when it comes to your home is high-stakes stuff, even more so if you’re in the apartment-dwelling phase. In that case, finding the perfect place requires weighing lots of options, such as location, amenities and even other tenants. This was a lesson Rachel Mooreland learned the hard way and was part of the impetus of her decision to leave her little Chicago studio for the sake of more space and a better location.

“I really want to be in the heart of Chicago,” Mooreland says, “where the action is, and so my commute is easier.” But the days of circling leads in the classified section of newspapers are no more.

Enter Mooreland’s most steady and ready adviser: her mom. And not just any mom, but a mom who is a longtime Realtor.

“One of the things we’re doing a lot right now is virtual touring,” Mooreland’s mom says. From the comfort of the apartment she’s ready to leave, Mooreland can do virtual walk-throughs, as many as five in one day, before she schedules an in-person visit.

Following social distancing protocols, Mooreland’s real-estate-savvy mom advises, “Make sure you wear your mask, bring your gloves, your hand sanitizer.” Next requirement: renters insurance to help protect you and your stuff in case of the unexpected, such as theft, fire or burst pipes.

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