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Six Unconventional Ways to Drink -- Now and in the Future

Six Unconventional Ways to Drink -- Now and in the Future

By OZY Editors


Because it’s possible to be a responsible drinker and an experimental one.

By OZY Editors

Sometimes the best way to deal with the indignities and absurdities of life is to put your legs up, sit back and have a smooth, stiff drink. Look, we’re not here to judge about how you deal with your own stresses, so don’t judge ours, especially when we’re just reporting on the facts. And the facts are that today, there are many interesting new ways to help you heighten your social drinking experiences. Our intrepid reporters on the OZY beer beat have recently found new ways to drink that may make your next happy hour go by much smoother than normal. Some of their finds include beer being made like it was a thousand years ago and even cocktails that float. Check out the following list to choose which one you’d want to try first. 

Drink Yourself High With a Northern Indian Concoction

A photo of two brown smoothies.

New Ways to Do the Brew

Source Joy Skipper/Getty

Pot brownies are so yesterday. The new drink of choice for the discrete ganja lover is the bhang lassi, a cold, thick mudslide-type beverage usually found in India that contains ghee, milk and local spices. Known for having medicinal purposes, this lassi has recently being repurposed as a superfood smoothie for the uber-health conscious. Will you drink it up…to your health? Read more here to find out. 

Sip From an Outer Space Cocktail Glass

Astronaut sipping on orange juice.

Source Getty

Tippling as you rocket to the moon sounds brilliant — until your drink floats out of your glass and spills all over your designer spacesuit. Thanks to the Cosmic Lifestyle Corporation, you won’t have to worry about that at all when you’re in space in a few years. The Zero Gravity Cocktail Glass, the organization promises, will allow space travelers to enjoy the earthly pleasures of happy hour thousands of miles away from Earth. How? Through a special ridge design that directs all floating liquids to a direct endpoint: your mouth. Sounds fun? Check out the rest of the story here, including a video with one of the main inventors. 

Mix Your Beer With Wine, Juice, Soda to Make a Shandy

Pop quiz hot-shot: It’s cocktail hour and you’re sooo thirsty. Do you pour yourself a frosty craft beer, sip a glass of wine or pick up a non-alcoholic beverage? Turns out, any of those choices is potentially good because beer can be paired with nearly everything. Take the shandy, for instance. It’s beer and fruit juice that tastes amazing. Beer and lemonade? Awesomer.  Or spangria, which consists of equal parts red sangria and light beer. We could on and on here. Check out the rest of the possible mixes to make a shandy in the original article here.

Travel Back in Time and Drink Ancient Booze

beer brewers

Source Getty

There’s a new movement afoot to recreate libations of yore including exotic ingredients like quince, birth syrup and lingonberries. A roving team of archeologists that have extracted residue from age-old drinking vessels are pairing up with brewers and wine makers to bring ancient booze to anyone looking to step back in time and drink as our ancestors once did. Check out their stories right here.

Turn Your Peanut Butter Cup Into a Cocktail


Source Gallery Stock

Flavored vodkas are pretty common nowadays and most, from whipped cream to cookie dough, are plainly awful. But one happy surprise comes from Delaware’s Dogfish Head Brewery, a craft brewer that recently launched a line of well-regarded spirits. Their peanut butter vodka, in particular, is so good you may want to start planning a road trip. It is usually paired with chocolate for a tremendous mouth feel. Find out more about this spirit right here.

Lose the Glass for a Cocktail That Floats

A photo of the Levitron in Action

Source Lick Me I’m Delicious

Just when you thought your favorite cocktail couldn’t possibly be improved upon, the Levitron machine is here to surprise. Created by a scientific Willy Wonka named Charlie Harry Francis, the device uses supersonic sound waves to make booze float. That’s right. We’ll leave the specifics to the main article, but know that culinary creatives like Francis are already getting plenty of attention for it from major restaranteurs. Read more here

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