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Secret Service Vs. Photographer: An MMA Breakdown

Secret Service Vs. Photographer: An MMA Breakdown

By Eugene S. Robinson

Journalist Christopher Morris is arrested by police during a rally of Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, at Radford University in Radford, Va., Monday, Feb. 29, 2016.
SourceSteve Helber/AP


Because we’re all Christopher Morris. 

By Eugene S. Robinson

At a Trump rally at Virginia’s Radford University, Time magazine photographer Christopher Morris got shoved by a U.S. secret service agent. Reportedly, Morris’ response — trending as it did toward “fuck” and “you” in the hothouse lunacy of pre-Super Tuesday hysteria — was countered with a Secret Service ass kicking. Specifically, as captured by video, a chokeslam. The move that involves placing both hands around the offender’s neck and upending him by guiding his head toward the floor faster than his now airborne feet.

Not so amazing for a student of the fistic arts, or an obsessive student of mixed martial arts (MMA). But what happened next? A shock to end all shocks, as the white-haired photographer seemed to realize, either as a product of prior fight training or just as a result of lightning-fast animal-like reflexes, that though the fight had moved to the ground, it was far from over.

So forthwith, a scene by scene breakdown of the best photographer defensive maneuvers your martial arts money can buy delivered by International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation world champion and OZY’s Editor-at-Large Eugene S. Robinson.

Video By Joe Perticone of The Independent Journal

1. Shock Absorber

Hard to see how Morris lands but he cleverly takes the brunt of the landing on his back. It’s a big muscle and a great shock absorber. He keeps his elbows in and his hands tight to his chest. Yes, to hold his cameras, but still a workable defense.

2. Head’s Up

 Head? Not on the floor but a few inches off the ground. Keeping it in motion, makes it harder to hit.

3. Oh, That Upkick

To the untrained eye it may look like the flailing of an undisciplined child, but at the behest of a badass like Morris, the upkick is a weapon to be feared — and a bonafide knockout shot if it hits its intended target under the chin. In any case, it keeps the Secret Service agent at bay despite his attempt to use a knee frame on Morris’ left leg. And finally…

4. The Modified Butterfly Guard

Knees raised, feet crossed at the angles, Morris has now blocked entry as well. Not bad for a man about to get his ass kicked for taking pictures.

So there you have it. Ground defense can be your friend. Or an enemy to be feared. Learn it. Live it. Love it.


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